Norway could stop using cash – how will it affect your business?

DNB, Norway’s largest financial services group believes the dangers and disadvantages of cash make it necessary to give it up as a payment method. According to VG, there is about 50billion in circulation, of which only 40% can be traced by Norway’s central bank, Norges Bank.

Director for retail banking in DNB, Trond Bentestuen believes much of the untraceable 60% revolves around money laundering and the black economy.

If Norway becomes a ‘cashless’ society – and indicators suggest it might, with only 6% of Norwegians using cash daily – businesses, especially in the retail sector, will need to ensure they are sufficiently prepared with merchant terminals and support options in case of unplanned technological problems.

As a progressive and technological society, Norway can confidently achieve a full transition from cash to card, but businesses will need to continue to ensure friction is reduced at all stages of the buying process – this means contactless, chip & pin and wearables – maybe even ‘implantables’ (possibly a little further down the line)

Norway has proven to be a brilliant launch location for many emerging technological advancements. It’s no surprise that Norway has been leading the way with Tesla and the electric car revolution.

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