Mistakes international businesses can learn from

In addition to Lidl, the most ‘famous’ failed Norwegian market entry attempt, numerous businesses have also failed to enter the Norwegian market successfully, including Topshop, Pizza Hut, Marks & Spencer, Yahoo, GAP and Habitat. What characteristics do these businesses share? Well something these brands have in common is that they are large and multinational – something which tends to create problems for brands attempting to acquire customers in Norway.

According to Peter Cohan, co-author of Export Now: Five Keys to Entering New Markets, “Companies can become complacent and arrogant and then they make mistakes when they expand overseas.”

Large organisations, such as these, tend to have such established routes and market entry processes that position them in a light which looks similar to complacence, arrogance – even condescension – by discerning Norwegian customers.

There is often a good argument for entering afresh, whatever the size of the organisation, when approaching the Norwegian market.

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